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I spent three weeks over Christmas and New Year’s Eve in bed, fighting against the new Covid-19 variant. I am much better now, and back to work but full recovery might take another few weeks.

With cases still on the rise in the UK, how can employers prepare for the coming months when many employees — like me — can be out of play for extended periods of time?* What if they suffer from ‘long-haul symptoms’ like fatigue, headaches, anxiety, and insomnia that affect their workplace wellbeing and productivity? How can employers support employee wellbeing during and after Covid?

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This piece was originally published on May 29, 2020 on LinkedIn.

Crises are always tests — tests of leadership; tests of resilience; tests of preparedness. But most of all they are tests of our ability to adapt — our agility.

As the economic engines restart round the world, companies are both managing the physical return to the workplace and planning for a new tomorrow. And the agile muscles that have enabled companies to innovate through the peak of the pandemic will be what ensures they succeed in that uncertain future.

Delta Airlines in the US is using empty passenger jets…

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Felicity Aston is the first and only woman in the world to ski across Antarctica and she is one of two polar explorers (the other is the awesome Heidi Sevestre) I will interview next week at The Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Paris. Felicity talks about the terrifying loneliness of having been dropped off in the middle of a vast, empty and icy landscape so she could solo ski to the South Pole. That level of loneliness is unimaginable and her courage and resolve are unbelievable.

There is another kind of loneliness that is more common and all too familiar…

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Looking out the window onto the dust-choked construction site that is the London School of Economics these days, I wait for my conference call to start. A short beep later, I am transported to a bright new place by the birdsong and lively chatter that pours out of Roseline Orwa’s end of the line in an internet café in southwest Kenya. Roseline is an acclaimed widows’ rights activist, storyteller and organiser. I first met her last June when she joined the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity, a social-change leadership programme based at LSE’s International Inequalities Institute. As the…

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One expat’s painful journey in a world without simit…

It was only a year ago now that I moved to London to join a young, lively and thoughtful team of consultants. A week into the move was when I first began noticing the absence of the daily call to prayer. A month in was when my simit cravings began. Christmas cued in the obsessive replaying of melancholic hits by Sezen Aksu on YouTube. …

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